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Review of Maia Mirabella

When I first read about the Maia Mirabella, I was immediately intrigued. It checked off all my desires for a toy. It's rechargeable, silicone, sleek, has a suction cup, and it's in a much more reasonable price range than a lot of toys in this category. So of course, I needed to know what was up.

Full disclosure: This review is by myself, Cailey Root, the owner of La Petite Mort - but I think you'll see that this is a very honest review.

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Maia Mirabella Toy and Storage Bag

On to the review!

The Mirabella is USB rechargeable, which you can plug into your computer or any other USB charging port that you may have. A light on the power button blinks as it's charging, and glows steady once it has charged. To use, unplug the cords completely, and hold the power button for about three seconds (this is also how you'll turn it off). From there you can keep pushing the power button to cycle through the 10 vibration patterns.


Suction! As someone with chronic pain issues it’s wonderful to have a hands free vibrating toy.

Firmness. I enjoyed the firmness of the silicone as I didn’t have to push too hard to get the full extent of the vibration.

Vibrations. The vibration on the Mirabella is quite good. I could have gotten off quite easily on just the first setting. And this is coming from a die hard fan of the Magic Wand. It’s not nearly as strong as a Magic Wand, which also means it’s not remotely as loud.

Shape and size. I love the ‘flowing lines’ of the Mirabella and how it curves elegantly to reach your erogenous zones. The bumps and grooves and tapered design is quite enjoyable for me.

Rechargeable. I'm really bad at cord management and buying batteries. I wish more toys were rechargeable and affordable

Getting heckin sci-fi up in here


Storage bag. The smell of the storage bag they’ve included is vile to be as polite as possible about it. It reeks of chemical and I’d recommend washing it before use to see if the smell will go away.

Funky disco vibrations. I wasn’t a fan of the vibration pattern settings and this is where I get frustrated. If I forget I’ve already brought it to the highest vibration that I enjoy (either the first, second or third setting of continuous vibration), I’ll end up in vibration pattern land and have to keep hitting the button to cycle through them.

Packaging. The gendered marketing on the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. They keep referring to my dildo as a ‘she’.

“Plug in her included USB to your computer. She will be there waiting when you are ready.” It kind of makes me think my dildo is going to come to life at night and murder me - but that’s impossible… right?

Maia Mirabella Package Description

I feel like half of the packaging says that it’s a legitimate brand and the other half says it’s just a shitty white label dildo.

Maia Mirabella Product InformationMaia Mirabella Product Information


In conclusion, I would not hesitate to recommend the Mirabella. For a budget friendly, vibrating, suction-cup-having, rechargeable dildo - it’s doing a pretty great job! But please, throw out the storage bag or give it a wash - because that is some acrid fabric.

Maia Mirabella Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Dildo

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